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Our movement compels people & businesses to march towards a cleaner future, free from single-use plastics and food waste.

Unsmother nature.

Be authentic, raw and unfiltered. Be unapologetic about the contents of your unique character. Claim your freedom to express whatever that is. Be 100% fake free and stay kind.

Protect your planet and demand to share it with people courageous enough to be themselves.

I’m Not Plastic

Join a real revolution.

#IMNOTPLASTIC people are radical about living authentic unfiltered lives and protecting nature.
We fight for a 100% fake-free society rid of pretence, single-use plastics, food waste and bursting toxic landfills.

Projects & partners

Catch the Robby Kruse Show LIVE in collaboration with I’m Not Plastic from the 9th of March for unfiltered fun! Tune in on Youtube or IGTV.

FOOD-2050 develops planet-saving composting technology, revolutionising the food waste management industry and the energy-value chain.

Broken Villages

Mpumelelo Buthelezi and Gugulethu tell the remarkable story of waste pickers residing in Soweto through the art of photography and fashion.

Blos Café

In partnership with Food 2050, we brought onsite composting to the renowned Blos Café in Pretoria, reducing their waste bill and carbon footprint.

Boardwalk Meander Estate

An awareness campaign ran in collaboration with Boardwalk Meander residents to illustrate the importance of proper food waste management.

ReddFord The Hills

A five-month educational program teaching learners about food waste and the benefits of compostable packaging.